Sometimes you just have to be a superhero

Sometimes you just have to be a super hero, damn it! I play in an adult kickball league and play in the lowest-tier-league, called Laid-back League (LBL). We don’t take ourselves too seriously and enjoy a little bit of the game and a lot of tomfoolery. Yesterday’s theme was superheroes. Yes, we wear costumes sometime. Because I procrastinate, I came up with my costume about two hours before I needed it. I couldn’t find a cape anywhere, so I settled for a 97 cent, pink tablecloth from Wal-Mart. My roommate helped me turn it into something a little more fun with polka-dot duct tape. Anyway, all of this is to explain that I got today’s blog-post idea from a picture I posted to Instagram of my super hero outfit from yesterday. I captioned it, “Sometimes you just need to be a superhero.” How true is that? Sometimes you just have to get over all your insecurities and put it all aside to spend the moment being a badass.

I am not the fittest, healthiest person at my gym by any means. I can’t lift the heaviest, and I am always paranoid that I am doing an exercise wrong. However, I try to put all that at the back of my mind when I’m at the gym. And I have to be honest, even though I’m nowhere near my goals, I feel kind of like a superhero after I lift weights. I have swagger and badass confidence when I’m in the weight room. I check myself out in the mirror (yes, I’m suffering from booty hubris right now because squats), and I have a feeling of pride after I accomplish all the sets and reps that I wrote out in my fitness log. So sometimes, we have to envision the most badass version of ourselves and channel it throughout what ever may be challenging us. Conjure up your inner superhero, and don’t be afraid to work it! I leave most weight-lifting sessions feeling like I can conquer the world.  It’s a pretty amazing feeling.


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