I fartleked!

No, I didn’t pass gas. I’ve been using fartleks in my runs here lately to help me build up speed. Fartleks are unstructured interval runs (for example, run faster to that stop sign then slow your pace for recovery). I’ve found that my time increases when I run fartleks instead of a more structured interval program. In the past, I have used the Couch-to-5k app, and it’s great! That app got me to my first 5k. But here lately, I’m in the mood to be untethered. I don’t want to be tied to the timed dings and the Run! Walk! commands. I love running outside, so it’s pretty easy to point out landmarks to run to and then slow down. I’ll either slow down to a slow jog or a walk, depending on how winded I am (usually walk).  It’s been fun. Maybe I’ll fartlek again when I get off work.

The one bummer of my fartlek experience is that since I’ve been running faster intervals, my foot has been hurting. Therefore, I haven’t been doing anything over 2 miles. Hopefully, the pain will let up as I continue to take it easy. I’ve got my eye on running 10k by the end of the year.

My running route was under water last night!


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The Mean Reds

You know those days when you’ve got the mean reds…. the blues are because you’re getting fat or maybe it’s been raining too long. You’re sad, that’s all. But the mean reds are horrible. You’re afraid and you sweat like hell, but you don’t know what you’re afraid of. Except something bad is going to happen, only you don’t know what it is.

– Truman Capote, Breakfast at Tiffany’s

I am having one of those days where I am so plagued with self-doubt.  This post is not about garnering pity or compliments.  I want to be open and honest with you about my journey to health, and that includes sharing the good with the bad.  I don’t really feel well today because allergies have been kicking my ass all week.  When I don’t feel well, I revert to a three year old who is overdue for a nap.  I’m pretty grouchy.  And on top of being grouchy, I’m being pretty hard on myself today.

I’ve said previously (and repeatedly) that the mind is a very powerful thing.  I’m working on believing in myself 100% and giving myself unconditional love that I so freely give to others.  However, I still have days where it seems like I’m failing miserably on those fronts.  Today is that day.  For no rational reason, I feel like I am never going to get a happy ending.  I feel like a failure.  I feel like I’ve slacked off for the month of May, and no progress is being made. I feel like people are crazy for thinking that I’m beautiful or strong. I feel like I’m stuck. I hate this feeling.

I plan on going for a run after work and hopefully, clearing my head of these negative thoughts.  But right now, they are there.  I wanted to share this with you because I want you to know that not every day is a victory.  I know I share the positive and uplifting posts more often, but I want you to know that I have bad days too.  If you feel like this, know you’re not alone.  We’ll get through it together.


PS: I just realized that my solution to feeling terrible is to go on a run.  I’m going to chalk that up to a victory because in the past my solution would have been booze, cupcakes, or both.


Where have all the free weights gone?

Forget wondering about cowboys, I need Paula Cole to record a new version to find out where all the free weights have gone.  Seriously, there is a weight-horder on the loose at the gym.  Just about every time I go to snag a dumbbell for either rows or seated-overhead-shoulder presses, the weights I need are missing.  And when I say missing, I mean missing.  I look around and examine every person using dumbbells to see if they have the weights I need (aren’t I a gym delight), and they are not there.  There are places for two sets for every weight on the weight rack.  I’m not really sure where they go.  Maybe the weights are scared because people throw them down aggressively at the end of their set.  But even after promising to be gentle, the dumbbells do not reappear.  Usually I sigh heavily and stomp my foot.  This doesn’t work either.  Then I look helplessly around and am usually in someone’s way as I try to figure out what to do.  I usually have to adjust up or down by 5 pounds and this makes me angry.  Where in the world do the dumbbells go? Seriously, it’s like the weights are named Carmen Sandiego.

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Just call me Forrest Gump

I laid around all day yesterday being lazy. I had a pretty busy weekend, so I really just wanted to park my butt on the couch for such a long time that I would make butt imprints in the cushion.  That’s how I was feeling.  I knew that I should really get in some type of physical activity after all the rich and high-calories foods I consumed over the weekend.  I kept putting it off and making excuses.  Finally around 7:30, I decided to lace up my running shoes and put my money were my mouth was.  The sun would be setting soon, so I decided to go for a short run around my neighborhood.  I figured that even a short run would be better than no run at all.  Plus, if I am going to make my goal of running my first 10k in 2015, I better start kicking up my training.  So I set out on my run.  It was really humid, but the temperature was nice.  When the wind was blowing, it felt pretty good.  When it wasn’t, it felt like I was running with a wet blanket on top of me.  I picked a route with a pretty good uphill portion.  I’m excited that I ran faster on Friday, but I know that running on a treadmill is a lot easier than running outside.  Even with running uphill and stopping for a minute to talk to a friend who was driving by, I still managed to run a faster pace than I have been.  I finished my mile in 15:33.  I know that to get faster and be able to run farther, I need to stick to a pretty consistent training schedule.  My new goal is to get in at least two days running during the week, on top of three days a week of weights, and Zumba at least one day a week.  It’s time to get this party started!



Running it! 

Today I chose running as my cardio warmup for weight lifting. Since I’ve been out of the boot (and really since the fall), I’ve been running really slow at around a 16:30 or 17 minute mile. Turtle speed! Today, I really pushed myself and ran my mile in 14:45. No stopping this girl today.  Happy Friday y’all!

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New Blog Post on Pumup

My May guest submission is now up on the Pumpup Blog website. Check it out!



I am so incredibly humbled to be sharing my words with all the Pumpup subscribers.

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I Didn’t Want To, So I Did

Last night, I did not want to go to the gym.  I didn’t want to get off the couch.  I laid down after work with a wicked headache, and I really just wanted to be lazy.  Then I remembered that I won a Zumba Max DVD in a prize pack recently.  I didn’t have to go to they gym to get my cardio on.  I slapped on some shorty-shorts and shook my booty-goodness all over my living room.  It’s so funny how I used to love cardio and now it’s no longer my favorite.  But, I still got it in.  Next week is “The week of cake” aka I turn 32 on Monday, and I like to celebrate my birthday all month.  I’m limiting cake to just one week, but I have to be really committed to getting in workouts even when I’m feeling lazy or social.  I will not feel guilty about cake on Monday because another year on this Earth is definitely something to celebrate!

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Breaking Up Is Hard to Do (Until It Isn’t)

I made the decision to break up with my scale for the month of April. I was getting really frustrated with week after week of minimal weight loss, even though I was seeing a loss in inches. I knew I was working on building muscle and the numbers wouldn’t change too dramatically, but it was still a let-down every time I stepped on that scale. So I said no more.  At first, I was itching to get on there and just see, but it became easier to stay off the scale as the weeks progressed.  Being able to get into clothes that I haven’t worn in a while (see my post on Victory Outfits) really helped.  Well, I weighed today for the first time in a month. I’m down 6 pounds! I’m also down another inch from my waist, an inch from my hips, and an inch from my calves. So six pounds and three inches less is not a shabby way to start May! I just might stay broken up with my scale a little while longer! Happy May y’all!