Don’t Let This Fat Fool You, Bruh. I Lift.

Last night at the gym, there were a few men acting very superior. Maybe they had a tough Monday, but one guy especially pissed me off. I’ve done a lot of research on my weight-lifting routine and watched multiple videos to make sure my form is correct. I’ve started out with a low weight and gradually built up the amount of weights I lift by five-pound increments over several months. I’m by no means lifting super-heavy, but I am lifting a decent amount. And I’m proud of how much I can lift now, especially considering where I started.

Just for those who don’t know, when lifting a barbell, the bar itself is 45 pounds and then you add weights to either side. There are also some shorter barbells that you can add weights to.  My workout buddy and I have long discussed how much these shorter bars weighed because we had no idea. We’ve asked around and were told inconsistent amounts.  I need to know so that I can accurately add weights to either side. So last night, I decided to ask my new gym’s staff how much those bars weighed so that I would finally be informed. He didn’t know which bar I was talking about at first (there is an ez-curl bar that felt really, really light and then another bar hanging up that was more what I was talking about). So we started back to the weight area, and I’m trying to explain what I want to know. He says, “ohhhh because the 45 pound bar is too heavy for you so you need something lighter.” He says this in a tone as if I couldn’t possibly lift 45 pounds, and it was patronizing. Um no. My reply, “No.  I want to know because on busy days, the barbells are all taken. I want to be able to accurately know how much weight to add. I just finished deadlifting 80lbs (3 sets in fact).” He looked at me with a very shocked face. The  comment and shocked response made me pretty mad, but I am used to people making snap judgments about my fitness level because of my appearance. Maybe I got so mad because just 15 minutes before, some guy inserted himself into my buddy’s workout routine, letting her know that she needed to get lighter weights, or because I had JUST shoulder-pressed the same amount (and sets) as the “dude” next to me (even though I’m not there to compete, I did notice). Either way, I wasn’t feeling a lot of love from my male gym-goers last night. Keep hating fellas, it just fuels my fire.



PS: Buzzfeed knows.


  1.' Tia says:

    LAWD. So I’m here because I stalked you from Dietbet. Maybe stalked is too strong, since you posted a link 🙂

    Anyway, WORK, GIRL! So, I really REALLY want to do free weights at the gym, but I’m a scaredy. One reason is the man-splaining you encountered. Oh, you’re a lady– let me man-splain ALL the things because your simple lady brain could not possibly hold these facts. It goes the same for weights. The other reason, though, is that I’m a kinetic learner and I’m too scared of hurting myself trying to learn correct technique through videos and such. I’m saving for some training sessions, so that I can do what you do! Let me also say, that as a woman at the gym who WANTS to do what you do but isn’t there (yet!)– that you’re inspiring! All the ladies I see at the gym doing the free weights, rocking strength in a sea of dudes are inspiring. It gives me a little push, every time. So keep doing what you’re doing– for you, and for all the ladies you don’t even know you’re inspiring!

    1. Kaycee says:

      Yes!!! I love new readers (especially interactive ones). And thank you. I completely understand about worrying about getting her. I actually started my routine when I had a stress fracture because I couldn’t do high impact so I needed a change-up. Getting a trainer is awesome and I really want one, but for now money is tight. Google Biofeedback 101 as a way to get comfortable with proper form. Also, I you tubed every single exercise (and still do as a refresher) to watch proper form videos. Definitely start off light and work your way up. And you’ll get there when you’re ready!

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