Pounding it out because Monday

I took my second Pound class tonight. No, I’m not learning how to prepare veal. I’m talking about an exercise class. It’s the class where you squat or lunge pretty much the entire class while pounding drumsticks like you’re a drummer in some kind of  cardio airband. You get a “break” by doing ab floor work.  My legs are like jello! Seriously, I was worried while walking to my car because my legs were shaking the entire time.  It was so fun though.  Completely therapeutic to pound out my Monday frustrations with a weighted drumstick.  It was especially fun when Dropkick Murphys came on the instructor’s playlist.  I sure felt like I was Shipping Up to Boston. Whew. So suck it Monday! You didn’t win this week.  What did you lovelies do to make today an active start to the week?

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Hormones are assholes!

There.  I’ve said it.  Hormones are assholes. What? They are! I admit that I’m not a scientist and really have no idea about the mystery that is the human body besides the basic stuff.  I mean, I know where babies come from and all.  But I don’t really know the interplay between a woman’s hormones and her healthy-living choices, for example.  What I mean by this is that this week, the hormones have hijacked my body.  I find myself wanting babies and boyfriends (don’t worry, this usually passes) and worse than that is that I find myself wanting to consume pure junk food, nonstop.  I know I’m prone to being dramatic, but I’m not exaggerating here.  All I want to do is eat junk (and procreate).  Luckily, I don’t go through this every month like some women.  It’s about once a quarter. Usually it aligns with a high-stress period in my life.

This past week has been stressful.  I had a presentation at work and worked really hard on it.  Plus the Ides of March came in like a shit-wrapped wrecking ball.  So it’s been a long week, and I’m definitely glad that it is the weekend.  I did pretty good at the beginning of the week, but once Thursday hit and my presentation was complete, all hell broke loose. I pretty much shoveled any kind of food (good or bad) into my mouth at a high rate of frequency.  I won’t even tell you how many cupcakes and donuts I have consumed in the past three days.  It’s embarrassing, and I can’t seem to stop myself.  I know that I will get back on track, and I have made sure to keep myself active during this period of my own personal all-you-can-eat buffet. But I thought I’d share, because you want to read the good and the bad, right?

My Fitbit activity says that I got in 328 active minutes the week — that’s 5.46 hours of active minutes.  I’m pretty happy with that. I went on a pretty awesome run this morning downtown, and a nature walk after work last night.  So even though my eating is off this week, my physical activity is most definitely not  So, here’s to next week guys.  Let’s crush it!







And we’re dancing it out with my twerk face on

So today has kicked me in the (metaphorical) balls. It’s been a bad day. This day has totally hurt my feelings. A day that made me want to curl up with a bottle (yes, I said bottle) of wine and Lord and Lady Grantham. But, I’m all about this healthy kick I’ve got going on, so I changed clothes and decided to dance it out at the gym. I needed some endorphins pumping and dancing makes me happy.


Those that know me, know that I don’t hang out on the back row. Of course, I was right on up front. I was totally into it, lost in my emotions and letting my body just work it out. I stay in my head entirely too much, so this was my hour to get outside myself and not think of the things bothering me today. Well, my body got a little full of itself, and I about bit the dust. Right there in front of everyone in class. I even made a little screeching sound. But I quickly righted myself, and got back into my grove.


I discovered something as I glanced up in the middle of one of the songs (I know I do it, but I forgot), I’ve got a twerk face. There’s a certain face that I make when I’m popping my booty to and fro. It’s fierce and proud.  So I’ll remember my twerk face when I’ve had a bad day. And hey, burning 1100 calories in the process doesn’t hurt either.

image image

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Happy endings?

Where in the hell did I get this notion that you have to be skinny to get a happy ending in life? Seriously. It’s fucked up. But here I sit writing this question because after 6 months of getting inside my head and working through demons, I still find thoughts along those lines when my mind is left unguarded. How did this ludicrous notion get stuck in my psyche? Why is it so hard to shake this thought? There are some days when I feel so lost and don’t know where to go from here.


I wrote the above paragraph on July 13, 2015.  And I still don’t have answers. Luckily, for the past few months (since November and the move) my heart and mind have just been happily unguarded.  I haven’t had these troubling thoughts really because I’ve been busy living and enjoying life.  Who knows if I’ll get any kind of happy ending.  None of us are guaranteed those things.  Life is so hard sometimes, but I do know that it has been one hell of a ride so far, and I’m very optimistic on where it is going. I can’t wait to see what else is in store.


In July of 2015, I was at a completely different place in my life. Who knew that things could change so quickly? In October, I put in my two weeks notice and moved to Nashville, and I haven’t looked back. So now that the dust has begun to settle, and life is relatively normal again (well normal for me), I can get back to making a fool out of myself for fitness sake. 🙂 So buckle up guys because although I haven’t gotten my happy ending, I’ll settle for a pretty spectacularly happy beginning of part 2.

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Hi everyone!


I am so so sorry that I abandoned writing for the past few months.  Settling into my new life left less time for writing than I would have hoped.  I have not forgotten about my blog, nor do I plan to stop writing.  I faced a lot of healthy-choices challenges when I moved to Tennessee in November.  I ate terribly and more for convenience than for health.  I was living with friends while looking for a place to live and was commuting into the city about 45 minutes each way a day.  I worked out a lot less than I would have liked.


However, I am happy to report that I am back, baby! I started a clean eating and exercise jumpstart in February and have managed to stay on the clean-eating train about 85% of the time.  That’s a huge victory! Especially considering the amount of junk food I was indulging in. I also joined the local YMCA and have started working out regularly again.  I forgot how much I missed physical activity until I jumped back into regular sweat sessions.  Damn, it feels good to move my body again.  If you follow my Facebook page, then you’ve seen a couple of posts along those lines.  I feel so good!


Life has been so fun here in Nashville, and I can’t wait to report back on more adventures.  I live right downtown so I walk a lot more places than I did in Little Rock.  My music-loving heart is so at home.  My mind is at ease.  I’m happy guys!


The challenge wraps up this weekend, so I’ll be sure to share some before and after pics. I’ve lost some weight, although I don’t really feel like I have.  The important thing is that I feel good, and I’m comfortable making healthy choices.  So stay tuned because the (mis)adventures are back!


IMG_7894 IMG_7880

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