And we’re dancing it out with my twerk face on

So today has kicked me in the (metaphorical) balls. It’s been a bad day. This day has totally hurt my feelings. A day that made me want to curl up with a bottle (yes, I said bottle) of wine and Lord and Lady Grantham. But, I’m all about this healthy kick I’ve got going on, so I changed clothes and decided to dance it out at the gym. I needed some endorphins pumping and dancing makes me happy.


Those that know me, know that I don’t hang out on the back row. Of course, I was right on up front. I was totally into it, lost in my emotions and letting my body just work it out. I stay in my head entirely too much, so this was my hour to get outside myself and not think of the things bothering me today. Well, my body got a little full of itself, and I about bit the dust. Right there in front of everyone in class. I even made a little screeching sound. But I quickly righted myself, and got back into my grove.


I discovered something as I glanced up in the middle of one of the songs (I know I do it, but I forgot), I’ve got a twerk face. There’s a certain face that I make when I’m popping my booty to and fro. It’s fierce and proud.  So I’ll remember my twerk face when I’ve had a bad day. And hey, burning 1100 calories in the process doesn’t hurt either.

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