I flipped my dog!

If you’re keeping up with my posts, then you know that I’ve been riding the struggle bus. I’ve struggled lately with my eating and being consistently active. Well, I’m here to tell you that I went ahead and jumped off that bus. This week, I’ve been more active than I have been in a while. My eating has been okay. The biggest struggle I’ve had this week was actually eating. That sounds crazy, I know.  Anyway, I haven’t had a lot of time to eat during the work day so I grab something quick here or there.


Monday night, I tried a new dance blast class. Woo! I nearly died. It was very high intensity but so much fun! I always go so much harder when I’m in a new class because I feel like I have to prove myself. I ended up burning 1200 calories. Then, on Tuesday night I went to my regular dance blast (or hip hop cardio) class. We had a sub who was also really high intensity. So many squats, lunges, bounces, jumps, and lots of twerking. I walked out of there soaked in sweat. My legs still haven’t really forgiven me.  Last night I worked until around 7, so when I got home I thought about being lazy. However, I wanted to do at least a little something. So I ended up going on a brisk stroll around the bicentennial mall and then climbed up the hill to the capitol. And then there was tonight.


It has been a pretty busy and challenging week at work as I settle into my new role. I needed to clear my head for a bit and quit thinking about legislative edits. I decided to give the yoga class I tried two weeks ago another visit. The class two weeks ago had a sub, so I wasn’t sure what to expect with the new teacher tonight. It was a challenge. I really wanted to cuss while holding some poses or quickly flowing through sun salutations etc. However, I felt that might interfere with other people’s practice around me.  I was trying so hard not to get suffocated by my own boobs and really tried to reign in my loud and rapid breathing.


I really liked this yoga instructor though. She encouraged you to at least try some of the harder poses. She said, “You never know. Today could be the day you do it.” I liked that idea. Sometimes I put limitations on myself because I’m a fat yogi. I don’t test my body because I automatically assume that I can’t do something because I’m too heavy and my body won’t support me. Tonight, I challenged that idea. I actually went further in crow pose than I ever have before. I didn’t get there, but I got closer than ever. That was pretty exciting. However, the most exciting part of the night was when I flipped my dog.  You start out in downward facing dog and then extend one leg up into the air. We’ll use the right leg for this example. Once your right leg is extended upward, you then bend it and stack your hips.  Once you settle in there, you then rotate all the way around with the left arm supporting you to bring your right foot down onto the ground as you twist your body and flip it around.  I didn’t think that I would be able to do it.  Honestly, I didn’t trust just one of my arms to support the entirety of my body weight. However, the instructor encouraged me to give it a try. And you know what? I could do it! It felt really amazing to challenge and then shatter some negative preconceived notions that I had about my body.  How dare I place limitations on what I can do! I hate for others to put those limitations on me and to think that I can’t do something simply because of fat.  And here I was doing the exact same thing to myself.  So not only did I flip my thoughts, but I also flipped my dog. 🙂 Although it really isn’t all that advanced, I was pretty pumped! Namaste y’all! Have a great weekend.


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Thursday night I decided to extend my yoga streak to a group class at the YMCA. On my way to the class, a cute bearded guy stopped me.

CBG: “Oh. Hey are you going to yoga?” 

Me: “Why yes. Yes I am. Over here in Studio A.” 

CBG: “which one?”

Me: “Oh. Vinyasa yoga.”

CBG: “Yeah. I mean are you going to the easy or hard?”

Me: “Ummmm… I have no idea. This is my first time here. Jesus. I hope not too hard.”

CBG: (Looking afraid for me, starts nodding encouragingly) “Oh you’re going to love it. Have fun!”

With that, I nervously walk toward the group class. Dear baby Jesus, what did I get myself into???? 

I am still sore from that class. It was really great though. It didn’t help matters that I ran for the first time in a long (long long) time on Wednesday night. My legs were already sore. The vinyasa class was lots of squaring and flowing through poses. It was a challenging class, but I’m glad I tried it. I can’t wait to go back nextThursday  too. I’m hoping to make it into a weekly practice. 

My goal is to get back into strength training, and I think yoga is a good beginning building block to do so. Yoga also helps me get into a better mental space. 

Photos from my run on Wednesday:

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