I joined a small fitness group. Two Americans and two Canadians who commit to doing the same workouts for four weeks. We check in with each other almost daily and work with a virtual personal trainer. Pretty cool. Today was my total body strength training day. Total body complete! Confession: I live downtown, and I completely wasn’t thinking about the city closing down roads for a race this morning. The roads around my apartment are all closed off. Normally, I’d let this deter me. I’d say I’ll work out later and then get busy and never get it done. In the small group, we recently talked about prioritizing our fitness. Prioritize my fitness, right? Right!  So I brainstormed a way to get in the row exercise without the machine (my apartment gym is all dumbbells and cardio machines). I decided to do my row with resistance bands and got my workout done this morning. I honestly felt like I worked just as hard with the bands than with the machine. Just ask my hair! 😂 I wanted to share this small victory because it highlights how much a small fitness group I’m in has helped me focus and prioritize my fitness. I hope y’all have a great weekend.

Stretching is oh so important!

Recovery cashew butter and banana chocolate protein shake.

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Good Morning, morning

I’m going to see The Revivalists tonight, and I’m super pumped! Last night I kicked ass in the gym. Upped my weights on walking lunges, and just generally pushed myself harder. Since I’m going to the concert tonight, I got up early and got in a run before work. It was hot and humid here, but still a pretty morning.

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10-in-4 Good buddy

On September 19, I started the 10-in-4 challenge with Dave Smith and some Fit Bottomed Girls.  I love the Fit Bottomed Girls site and (shameless plug) I actually wrote a guest-blog piece for them last August and was featured as one of the 5 Real FBGs in April 2015. Yeah, they totally rule! But, fast forward to September 2016, and I am embarrassed to say that I have let my healthy living take a back seat and no longer be a priority. Although I’ve never been happier since moving to Nashville, I constantly choose convenience over healthy. It is so easy to do with so many processed foods readily at our fingertips. Plus, I indulge in way-more happy hours (there is so much good beer here!) than I my waist-line will allow.


Fast forward to four weeks later. I am proud to say that I lost 10.5 pounds and 1.25 inches from my waist, 1 inch from my hips, and 3 inches from my belly bulge that was making me look pregnant! The plan was about being mindful of portion sizes and really planing out your meals for the week. Being prepared helped me tremendously when days got busy. I already had a meal plan in place and my exercise mapped out. I felt like I was letting myself down if I didn’t stick to it. Plus, I had some amazing accountability in the group.  I think I learned some takeaways from the four weeks, and I am interested in seeing how I apply them on my own.

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Morning Run

We all know that I’m not a morning person. I set three alarms and hit snooze on all three more than once. I’m terrible about waking up with an alarm, and I calaculate a bare minimum morning routine so I can maximize my snoozing. However, tonight I’m going to my first Predators hockey game so I knew I needed to get my cardio over this morning. Ugh. So I threw on my spirit animal tee for extra motivation and laced up my sneaks. And! I had a great morning run, and the city was pretty. Word up! Happy Tuesday my friends. 

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Monday, Monday

Last week was a rough week in the romantic department. My confidence (and my heart) took a blow, and I am really fed up with the single life right now. I got stood up twice last week. The first one was kind of not a surprise, but the second one hurt (a lot). Yesterday was emotional, and I’m just kind of over being alone right now. I’m having a lot of self-doubt about a decision I made to end a relationship that I didn’t want to end but knew it was the right thing to do. I still love him.  Yes, still. Being single during fall (and the holidays) is always a little less fun for me. The state of dating right now is abysmal. Technology has killed romance. So I’m embarrassed to say that I came home from work tonight and just laid on my bed in my dark apartment wallowing. Dramatic, perhaps. But my heart feels like shit, and I’m allowed to be sad from time-to-time. However, my workout routine gives zero fucks for my pathetically sad heart. So I’m writing out this confession and then hauling my ass to the gym to lift weights. I’m in a strength-training pact with two other women and our virtual trainer has encouraged us to “kick-butt” in the gym this week (he’s Canadian). Luckily, last week I got in leg day before being stood up for the first time. The second time (different guy by-the-way), I actually drove to meet him. Luckily, I was pretty near a YMCA when I realized he was bailing. So I drove to the Y, cried in the parking lot, and then dragged myself inside for some cardio.


So yeah, I’m feeling pretty sorry for myself right now. But I’m signing off and heading straight to the gym. Pity party over.

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