I joined a small fitness group. Two Americans and two Canadians who commit to doing the same workouts for four weeks. We check in with each other almost daily and work with a virtual personal trainer. Pretty cool. Today was my total body strength training day. Total body complete! Confession: I live downtown, and I completely wasn’t thinking about the city closing down roads for a race this morning. The roads around my apartment are all closed off. Normally, I’d let this deter me. I’d say I’ll work out later and then get busy and never get it done. In the small group, we recently talked about prioritizing our fitness. Prioritize my fitness, right? Right!  So I brainstormed a way to get in the row exercise without the machine (my apartment gym is all dumbbells and cardio machines). I decided to do my row with resistance bands and got my workout done this morning. I honestly felt like I worked just as hard with the bands than with the machine. Just ask my hair! 😂 I wanted to share this small victory because it highlights how much a small fitness group I’m in has helped me focus and prioritize my fitness. I hope y’all have a great weekend.

Stretching is oh so important!

Recovery cashew butter and banana chocolate protein shake.

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