I saw the sign… Wait! No I didn’t!

All is currently on track for 2018. I have consistently been working out again. Yay! I’ve been making my way to the gym after work each night even after commuting. I no longer live in downtown Nashville and commute about 45 minutes (with traffic) into work. Last Thursday night, I got the gym about 30 minutes before dance blast class. Coming straight from work, I was still in business attire and had to change clothes. At the YMCA, there are two different dressing rooms for women: the regular 18 and up dressing room and the Family dressing room for 17 and younger and their female adults. Some of you who know me well can probably see where this is going…

I am not a very modest person. I have no shame in changing in front of others and never use the changing rooms in the gym. So Thursday night, I go into the locker room and find a corner and start to strip off my shirt. Luckily, I realized that there were children in the dressing room. I quickly started packing up my stuff when a woman brought her young grandson in with her. I asked two teenagers if there was another dressing room I had missed. As they reluctantly tore their eyes away from their iPhones, they looked at me with pity to let me know that oh there was. Right next door to where I was. I had not been paying attention and walked right past it into the second family dressing room. Oops! I could have scarred someone for life.  I managed to recover from my near faux pas and get myself to dance blast.  I ended up dancing it out to burn 785 calories. Woohoo! But I was a sweaty hot mess.  I definitely have to get back into dancing shape, but I will get there.

Always pay attention to the signs! Just a little public service announcement from yours truly. Now go forth, and get undressed in the appropriate locker rooms!


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