Just keep working out!

As of January 20, I have worked out fifteen days this month. Not all of my workout are hour-long hardcore workouts, but my goal is to be active and move my body for at least fifteen minutes and continue to build on each workout.  I am happy with my numbers so far.  One of my goals is getting back to an active lifestyle.  Before I get immersed in a routine, it is so easy for me to get knocked off the wagon.  It is so easy to be lazy, and when I am really down I let any little thing derail me.  Not this month!


Over the last week or so, Tennessee has had two different rounds of snow and ice.  Since I moved out to the country two weeks ago, getting snow and ice means that I don’t get to leave the house.

However, I knew that I could not fall back off the workout wagon.  I was determined to still be active even though I couldn’t get to the gym.  I found a kickboxing workout on Amazon Prime and did some at home dance videos.  I was able to still hit my workout target of five days a week.  Go me! The picture below shows just how little room I have to workout.  I still got it done! No excuses for me this week.  It was critical for me to keep building the active habits from earlier this month.


Saturday morning, I was able to get back to the gym and did 50 minutes of dance blast.  I ended up sweating my ass off and burning 824 calories.  It felt great getting back to the gym and having a change from the home workouts. Plus I liked having the music blasting as I dance around with strangers.  It’s just not the same at home.


My stats so far this month. Burn baby burn!

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