Gym shennanigans

Ugly cry gym face 

I got in a fight with someone tonight on the way to the gym. My feelings were so hurt. I was literally sobbing and ugly crying while driving to the gym. It was terrible. I had to sit in the parking lot for a few minutes and calm down. Lord, I walked into the gym with my mascara running and all blotchy-faced. The silver lining is that I put all that emotion into my workout. It physically hurts to type this post out right now. I pushed all my weights up to heavier and crushed it. So I’m going to consider this night a win. 

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The Brozelle Machine

Last night, I discovered a new exercise machine at the gym. I have never seen or been on a machine like this. It’s kind of a hybrid stair stepper and elliptical (if you know, please comment below with your knowledge). The foot pieces are suspended by resistance bands/straps and then there are handles like an elliptical. Depending on how you stride, it can either operate like a stair stepper or an elliptical. Very interesting.

The reason why Watts and I call it a “Brozelle Machine” is a few weeks ago, we saw these two very masculine dudes riding on them.  They looked like gazelles gallivanting through the savanna of Africa! I’ll be honest, these two dudes looked pretty majestic. I turned to Watts and she turned to me, and at the same time we blurted out gazelles and started laughing. Watts dubbed them brozelles since, well, they were bro gazelles. Like, duh. Now every time we see those two guys at the gym, we say “hi brozelles” under our breath, probably not so quietly. We’re totally mature.

Last night, the squat rack and benches were all full. Oh the humanity! Instead of just standing there gawking, I suggested that we get in some cardio until something opened up.  So we walked over to the cardio equipment area and I saw the brozelle machine. “Let’s do this!” I practically yelled to Watts. We jumped on and away we went. We kept exclaiming confusedly to each other. “How does this work?” “What is going on?” “It’s so bouncy!” I kept laughing hysterically (and loudly), and at one point I accidentally yelled a “Yeehaaawwww!” Pretty embarrassing. It was full-on weight-room ruckus up in there with us two. However, the machine was pretty fun, and as I was having fun, I really got my heart rate up there. Even though I made a fool out of myself, I did it in the name of fitness.