Mental Adjustments

Be Well, Be Happy, Be Balanced

Well hello there beautiful followers. Happy 2017! (I can hear you muttering to yourself, “She’s 27 days behind on that greeting.”) Yep, It’s January 28, and I am just now getting around to writing my first post of 2017.  I even missed the blog’s 2 year birthday – I’m a terribly blog mom. But, I am here now.  I’ve been struggling a lot lately with balance.  By the time I get home from work (which is kicking my ass again) and the gym at night, I have no energy to write. However, I dusted off my old 2015 vision board.  It served me well, and I hope to refocus those goals.  I was dreading this post because I’m ashamed to report that I’m the heaviest I’ve been in a long, long time, even with hitting the gym five times a week. So I’m renewing my goals from 2015.  Last year I got extremely off track because I was busy making a life in a new city.  I love my life here.  I’m happy here, but I reverted back to old eating habits.  Plus I’ve been more social, and I’m terrible about monitoring food and drink intake while socializing. So I’m pledging to you today that I am going to make 2017 a year of balance, wellness, and happiness. Those words are my focus words. My goals.


Anyway, after a very stressful week at work, I decided to get out into nature this morning even though it was cold and windy.  I’ve missed being able to hike after work since it gets dark so early in the winter. However, I needed some time with nature today.  I decided to try a new trail that I’ve never been on.  Once I parked, I took off walking without researching the trail beforehand. I decided to pick a path and see where it took me.  As I walked the trial and worked on clearing my mind, I focused on the beauty around me, on the wind, the sun hitting my face. I could feel the tension start to ease away.  I love hiking. I love the community you feel even when hiking alone. This morning so many people were quick to smile and say, “good morning” as we passed on the trail.  At one point, I slightly panicked because I realized that I couldn’t remember the name of the trailhead where I parked, but I continued, confident in the path I was on and that it would lead me to where I was supposed to be.  That feeling, that sureness, is something I wish I could bottle and take a dose of during my most stressful times. I’m glad that I reconnected with that feeling today.


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Fall Fashion Y’all

I love fall. And here lately I have really been loving my look. I know that this isn’t a fashion blog, but I wanted to share some of my outfits that I got recently from Society Plus because I am feeling fine as hell in my own skin. It’s been a while since that’s happened. So feast on my fashion, friends.



*Full Disclosure, I recently became a Society Plus Affiliate. All that means is, if you use the link above to buy anything, I get a small fee. So far, my evil plan has backfired. I just keep buying stuff without posting the link.

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Ooh la la

So today, I had on a new outfit that made me feel fierce. I needed that fierce for sure. This day was a bear. I ended up staying at work until 6:30, and I was slammed all day. By the time I got home, I missed my dance class, and I had zero motivation. I didn’t want to do anything. I ended up doing a quick circuit workout of plyometrics. It wasn’t much, but I still did something. I’m going to go with that positive thinking and call it a day.


My adorable Society+ outfit (ignore the bare feet. I had on killer heels at work).




That nature reset button

So yesterday I made quite the fool of myself via drunken texts to my ex. I poured my heart out and did everything that I didn’t want to do when trying to be strong. My heart overrode my head. It was embarrassing, and I wish I hadn’t done it. So today I decided to reconnect with nature and clear my head and my heart. Nature always helps me reconnect and reset. It was a beautiful day, and I’m glad I hit the trail.

It’s game day so I had to rep the Hogs

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Instagram me!

Hey guys!

I don’t always get time to post a blog update, but I will post workout pics etc on my Instagram page (you’ll also probably get other pics of my life too).  So if you want to keep track of my adventures between posts (since I haven’t been the most reliable), follow me on Instagram by clicking here or searching for Kaycee22.



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Sexiness is a State of Mind

I have blogged some over the past month about how I’ve been having body confidence issues. I’ve lost faith in myself at low points and am not happy about weight I have gained since going off of the pill. More and more, I’ve been turning a critical eye on my body. I don’t like the way I look in a lot of my clothes. However, I realized that there are still certain things that make me feel sexy. I’ve forgotten that sexy is definitely a state of mind.Last Tuesday I returned to hip hop cardio after two weeks off (the first week because of my back and the second because I was in Vermont). It felt so good to get back in class, and not just because of the endorphins from a good work out. I had forgotten the feeling and confidence that I gain from that class. No matter what I look like in the mirror at the front of the room, the way my body moves in that class makes me feel so sexy and beautiful. I’m a pretty decent dancer, and I definitely know how to make my body move in a way that gives my curves the glory they deserve. I cannot drive the point home enough, that this sexy confidence does not come from the way I look in the mirror when I am dancing. It comes from the way I feel when I’m dancing — the way that I feel so free and sure of myself and my body. I need this class each week. I encourage each of you, especially those of you with body confidence issues, to find something that you can do for yourself each week where you feel beautiful. Whatever that may be, I encourage you to set aside the time each week and relish in your beauty as only you can. Take the time to do something that makes you feel free.

Coinciding with the return of my hip hop class, was the delivery of my first Gwynnie Bee box. For those of you who don’t know, it is a plus size clothing delivery service where you can keep a certain amount of clothes for a time. You wear them as much as you want and either buy them or return them. It is kind of like Netflix (back when they would mail out the DVDs) for clothes. I had three pieces delivered and loved 2 out of the 3. As much as I love the idea of a tulle skirt (or tutu), I realized that I really hate the way they look on me. The skirt I ended up returning right away was a beautiful lilac tulle skirt. It was gorgeous, but I hated how it looked on me. So back it went. I also got a really awesome and vibrant skirt (with pockets!) and a dress shirt. I wore both last week and loved the way I looked in each of the items. Tomorrow, I’ll get a really pretty Igigi dress that I can’t wait to try. Again, the pieces were beautiful, but it was more about the way that they made me feel. I felt so beautiful and put together in each outfit.  It really drives home the point that sexiness (and feeling beautiful) is really a state of mind. It doesn’t matter about whether someone else thinks you are, it is about whether you think you are. I needed this reminder so much lately. Be who you are and own it. You don’t have to wait for permission to feel sexy and beautiful, and you definitely don’t have to conform to societal standards of beauty.




Clean Week coming at ya!

Last June, I went off of hormonal birth control for the first time in about 8 years. Unfortunately,  I have gained weight since going off of the pill. It is really frustrating and feels like no matter what I do, I continue to creep up the scale. I had a long talk with my doctor last week and decided to get some blood work done to determine if there’s something up with my hormones. I’m not sure if it is anything or  just the fact that my metabolism is slowing down as I get older. Either way, something needs to change with the way my life has been going in the health department. I have been traveling so much and we all know that one of my biggest struggles is eating healthy on the road. However, this coming up week is a full week where I will be home with no plans. This is a good week to buckle down and do some good clean eating and hit the gym consistently.  That’s exactly what I plan to do before I jet off to Ft. Lauderdale, FL the 14th-18th for a work conference.

I am going to try to post at least a short shout out each day to let you all know that I am staying on track. Hey, it definitely takes a village when it comes to my life. 🙂 Tomorrow, I will do some weights and cardio, Tuesday I’m definitely hitting up hip hop cardio (you know its my fav!), Wednesday is abs and cardio, Thursday probably some more cardio, Friday weights, and Saturday I’m thinking of going biking or kayaking. We’ll see. The point is that I will be eating healthy and moving my body this next week.

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Happy endings?

Where in the hell did I get this notion that you have to be skinny to get a happy ending in life? Seriously. It’s fucked up. But here I sit writing this question because after 6 months of getting inside my head and working through demons, I still find thoughts along those lines when my mind is left unguarded. How did this ludicrous notion get stuck in my psyche? Why is it so hard to shake this thought? There are some days when I feel so lost and don’t know where to go from here.


I wrote the above paragraph on July 13, 2015.  And I still don’t have answers. Luckily, for the past few months (since November and the move) my heart and mind have just been happily unguarded.  I haven’t had these troubling thoughts really because I’ve been busy living and enjoying life.  Who knows if I’ll get any kind of happy ending.  None of us are guaranteed those things.  Life is so hard sometimes, but I do know that it has been one hell of a ride so far, and I’m very optimistic on where it is going. I can’t wait to see what else is in store.


In July of 2015, I was at a completely different place in my life. Who knew that things could change so quickly? In October, I put in my two weeks notice and moved to Nashville, and I haven’t looked back. So now that the dust has begun to settle, and life is relatively normal again (well normal for me), I can get back to making a fool out of myself for fitness sake. 🙂 So buckle up guys because although I haven’t gotten my happy ending, I’ll settle for a pretty spectacularly happy beginning of part 2.

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The Next Episode

I know that I have been a terrible blogger since August. Life has been insanely busy with lots of traveling and changes. I promise my story isn’t over yet. In fact, a new chapter is just beginning.

Most of my adult life has been spent in Arkansas – ten years in fact. The last five years have been here in Little Rock, and I have met some truly incredible people. I live a great life, and know amazing people who make my life (and me) better. However, I’ve accepted a new job and will be moving to Nashville, TN! I am so excited! For those of you that don’t know, I lived in Tennessee as a child and grew up in a small town just thirty minutes outside of Nashville. In a way, it’s like I’m going home again. I’ve never lived in Nashville as an adult so I’m excited to explore the city and start a new chapter in my life. I’m pretty emotional right now as this is bittersweet, but I firmly believe that this is the right move for me.

Stay tuned for more Voluptuous Misadventures. I guarantee that there will be plenty of stories to tell about my adventures in the Music City.

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Someone told me recently that I was fearless. Although I appreciate the compliment, it’s not accurate. I am not without fear. I worry about and fear things constantly. However, even though I fear the idea of something, I do it anyway (most of the time). Because really what is the point? I’m trying so hard to live a life that lives up to my expectations and not societal expectations.  But that can be difficult at times. I’m nowhere near my goal weight, but I have accomplished many of the goals that I set for myself at the beginning of 2015. Plus I have three months to finish off some other important goals. I would not have been able to do so if I would have lived my year in fear. There’s just absolutely no way.  Like I said, I feared a lot of things. I am not without fear, but I did a lot of the things I feared anyway.


Some fear (and good common sense) is healthy and keeps me from doing idiotic things that could get me killed, but I don’t want to miss out on an amazing experience because I was afraid. So I am writing this post today to challenge each of you to try out something new during the month of October (safely please). Step outside of your comfort zone no matter how small.  And I’ll try to do the same.

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