Good Morning, morning

I’m going to see The Revivalists tonight, and I’m super pumped! Last night I kicked ass in the gym. Upped my weights on walking lunges, and just generally pushed myself harder. Since I’m going to the concert tonight, I got up early and got in a run before work. It was hot and humid here, but still a pretty morning.

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Kaycee and the no-good-very-bad day

*** Warning. This post contains detailed bitching about my boobs. You’ve been warned****

Today has been one of those days that just started really bad. Personal stuff this morning first thing and then work stuff blew up all before 8:40 am.  It’s been busy and tiring and the last thing I wanted to do was work out tonight. When I finally left work, I stopped by a friend’s place. After a few minutes of chatting, I said that I was either going to go for a fun or strip down to my underwear and watch other people run (in the Olympics). Luckily, I chose the former.

I’m still pretty sunburned so it still hurts to put on a sports bra. I only have one front-snap sports bra so I dug it out of the bottom of my drawer. I quickly remembered why it was at the bottom. The girls were spilling out of that thing like I had on a miracle bra (remembers those from the 90s?). I went with it because I couldn’t imagine putting on one of my regular sports bras, but just walking made me look like I was making a cameo in some type of runner’s porn. I started running and each time my foot hit the pavement my boobs would bounce uncontrollably and then my sports bra would dig into my sunburned back. I’ll be honest, I thought about just taking a short 10 minute jog and then calling it a night. However, I kept going. I jogged intervals around the park and then climbed the capitol steps and huffed and puffed my way home. Run keeper, that asshole, let me know that it was my 35th fastest run. Fine, fine. Not my fastest, but it has been a month since I’ve run so I’ll take it. About a month ago, I was doing a lot of running because I was running in solidarity with the guy I was dating who was training for a PT test. Sadly, I had to curtail my running because my knee started hurting again due to a weak VMO (or something like that). However, I ordered a new knee strap and tonight was the first time that I’ve run since getting the strap.

I feel much better after my run so I’m glad I went. I’m also really glad that this day is behind me, and I hope that tomorrow is better. I have a confession though. I was running down a straightaway at the park. It was canopied by trees so it was easy to just focus on the end. For that split second, I pretended I was running in the Olympics. Haha.  I did not win the gold. Hell, I don’t even think I qualified. 35th fastest run. Oof. I wasn’t rewarded with a medal, but I was rewarded with this beautiful sunset.

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It has been a long week. I am most glad that it is Friday. I got in some walking today during work because I walked to a nearby CLE (continuing legal education), but I fully intended to come home and collapse on the bed after work. However, when I left work around 5:30, I realized that it was far too beautiful outside for me not to take advantage of the early evening coolness. There was a cute boy who wanted me to “come party on Broadway” with him tonight (I swear those were his words). Although he was cute, I just did not have the energy to play nice with the opposite sex tonight. Getting dolled up and meeting someone out in the crowded, touristy part of Nashville just sounds too exhausting. So I decided to go on a run.

I accomplished two things tonight that I’m pretty proud of. I told you that I’ve been out of running shape and have only been doing interval runs and slow ones at that. I laced up and put in my headphones. I set out for the same course I ran on Wednesday night.  I began to get a little irritated with myself because running tonight seemed so much more difficult than Wednesday. I was getting more winded tonight. To be honest, it was pissing me off. However when I hit a mile, I looked down and realized why! I ran my mile two minutes faster tonight than I did on Wednesday night. Don’t be too impressed. My mile on Wednesday was very, very slow. But still, I’m so happy that I got some of my old zeal back. It felt so good running tonight, even though I kicked my ass a little.  Then after I finished my run, my Nike app told me that I completed 300 miles! So cheers to that!


IMG_9286 IMG_9287


PS: I forgot to post my awesome running pants tonight.


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Mouth-breathing Adventures

Pollen is out in full force. I love spring, but I hate pollen.  If you read my post on Monday night, then you know that I’m suffering from allergies/sinus issues and not feeling too hot. Last night, thanks to a steroid shot, I was able to complete a full hour of hip-hop cardio. I burned over 1,000 calories too. It felt great, until we got to the cool down and stretching. It seems that my ears were still not cooperating, and my balance was a little off. I stumbled through every stretch, but I did not fall.  So there’s that.


Tonight, I am in a mood. Lots of meetings at work. Lots of emotions flying around in my love life. I’m currently listening to a playlist called “Midnight Melancholy” on Google Play Music if that is any indication. But I am also practicing gratitude because even though it’s been one of those days, I am so grateful that I am the type of person who can feel deeply. There is no stone where my heart should be. That is for sure. But anyway, enough about that for now.


Back to my sinus issues. Because of pollen, I have become a glorified mouth-breather this week. Tonight, I got off of work and stumbled into my apartment. Unfortunately the wondrous effects of the steroid shot wax on and off. I flopped down on the bed and wanted to stay that way until morning comes. However, I have been griping about the weight I have gained recently and not being happy with the way my clothes fit right now. So I got up and completed an ab workout. Then I went for a 1.5 mile run. I am still not up to full running stamina so I started running every other song. I’m a fan of intervals (and catching my breath). However, tonight I got a little more than I bargained for because there were several cute boys along my path so I’d speed up and run even if I was on a walking song. I discovered a new area of town too. All and all, it was a good night. Plus, I’m continuing to monitor my sugar intake and keeping my calories in check. I feel so much the better for having exercised control over that part of my life again. Healthy habits are back, baby! Since you all have put up with my moody, whiny ways here lately, I will leave you with the glorious snapshot of me in all my mouth-breathing glory. Toddle-oo!



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Running away from boy (problems)

Boys have cooties, right? That’s what I’m telling myself tonight.  I said goodbye to a guy this weekend that I didn’t necessarily want to say goodbye to, but I know it was the best decision for the both of us. It doesn’t feel that way at all right now, but in time I know that it will be okay. So because I was in such a funk, I decided to go on a run.  Clear my head and feel some sunshine. It was a great run, until I got into the heart of downtown. Having the downtown of a large city as your playground has limited drawbacks. However, tonight I realized just how many lovey-dovey couples were walking around downtown. It sucked. I know I’m being childish, but I didn’t want to see all those guys and gals holding hands, stopping to hold each other and admire the river, kiss on a corner while waiting for the light to change. Plus, they were walking side-by-side and taking up all the space on the sidewalk. So I turned up my music and pointed my feet away from downtown. At least I got sweaty and got my heart pumping. I’ll be okay.

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(Almost) No Joy in Runville

I went for a run on Tuesday, and it was probably my most pathetic run yet. I didn’t necessarily go because I wanted to. I thought sunshine, endorphins, and outdoors would help cheer me up a little though. I’m going through the grieving period after a (very) recent breakup, and am looking for anything (legal and drug-free) to help the pain be a little less present. My heart is utterly broken, but my legs are not, so Tuesday I thought a run might help.

It was pretty hot here in Arkansas on Tuesday and the sun was shining down. I picked one of my favorite running routes and took off to a recommended playlist on Spotify. I struggled a lot. I ended up walking most of my route because I’ve been eating terribly the three days before (very little and mostly just junk – typical breakup food) and it showed. My body was not cooperating, which just pissed me off. And that wasn’t fair because it wasn’t my body’s fault that I ate terribly.

I ended up walking more than running. During the sporadic spurts of running that I did do, I managed to fall off the sidewalk (apparently I cannot run in a straight line), French kiss an unidentified insect, and even cried when Kelly Clarkson’s “My Life Would Suck Without You” came on (thank God for sunglasses and sweat). Not my finer moments. However, during one point of my run (when I was actually running), a precious toddler girl broke away from her parents to run with me. She was so joyous in the fact that she had a running buddy. She ran toward me and then ran back with me to where her parents sat. Her joy was infectious. Even amidst all my grief and heartache, I managed to find happiness in that brief moment. I slowed and smiled down at her as she dutifully returned to her parents and then continued on my way.


So even though it was not a successful run in terms of pace and distance, it was still successful – giving me a brief reprieve from everything that has been going on lately. A nice reminder that no matter what is going on in life, there is always at least a little joy to be found.


PS: A note about my terrible eating. It has gotten better as the week has progressed. I know I have shared my struggle and concerns about comfort eating or emotional eating so I wanted to address that.  I wouldn’t say that my terrible food choice has been comfort or emotional eating, but more a matter of lack of wanting to put effort and thought into what I was eating.  I haven’t really been that hungry and the junk food was at my fingertips. I didn’t eat it because I thought it would make me feel better (which diverges somewhat from my emotional eating in the past), but because it was there – I didn’t have to think about it. I’m not saying that the reasoning makes it better or worse, but I just wanted to be clear about why I was eating the way that I was.

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I fartleked!

No, I didn’t pass gas. I’ve been using fartleks in my runs here lately to help me build up speed. Fartleks are unstructured interval runs (for example, run faster to that stop sign then slow your pace for recovery). I’ve found that my time increases when I run fartleks instead of a more structured interval program. In the past, I have used the Couch-to-5k app, and it’s great! That app got me to my first 5k. But here lately, I’m in the mood to be untethered. I don’t want to be tied to the timed dings and the Run! Walk! commands. I love running outside, so it’s pretty easy to point out landmarks to run to and then slow down. I’ll either slow down to a slow jog or a walk, depending on how winded I am (usually walk).  It’s been fun. Maybe I’ll fartlek again when I get off work.

The one bummer of my fartlek experience is that since I’ve been running faster intervals, my foot has been hurting. Therefore, I haven’t been doing anything over 2 miles. Hopefully, the pain will let up as I continue to take it easy. I’ve got my eye on running 10k by the end of the year.

My running route was under water last night!


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Just call me Forrest Gump

I laid around all day yesterday being lazy. I had a pretty busy weekend, so I really just wanted to park my butt on the couch for such a long time that I would make butt imprints in the cushion.  That’s how I was feeling.  I knew that I should really get in some type of physical activity after all the rich and high-calories foods I consumed over the weekend.  I kept putting it off and making excuses.  Finally around 7:30, I decided to lace up my running shoes and put my money were my mouth was.  The sun would be setting soon, so I decided to go for a short run around my neighborhood.  I figured that even a short run would be better than no run at all.  Plus, if I am going to make my goal of running my first 10k in 2015, I better start kicking up my training.  So I set out on my run.  It was really humid, but the temperature was nice.  When the wind was blowing, it felt pretty good.  When it wasn’t, it felt like I was running with a wet blanket on top of me.  I picked a route with a pretty good uphill portion.  I’m excited that I ran faster on Friday, but I know that running on a treadmill is a lot easier than running outside.  Even with running uphill and stopping for a minute to talk to a friend who was driving by, I still managed to run a faster pace than I have been.  I finished my mile in 15:33.  I know that to get faster and be able to run farther, I need to stick to a pretty consistent training schedule.  My new goal is to get in at least two days running during the week, on top of three days a week of weights, and Zumba at least one day a week.  It’s time to get this party started!



Running it! 

Today I chose running as my cardio warmup for weight lifting. Since I’ve been out of the boot (and really since the fall), I’ve been running really slow at around a 16:30 or 17 minute mile. Turtle speed! Today, I really pushed myself and ran my mile in 14:45. No stopping this girl today.  Happy Friday y’all!

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Running Like a Boss

Today I ran for the first time outside since being out of my boot.  Here’s how it went:


Was I super excited to get in an outdoor run?  YES

Was it a little hotter than I expected with the sun beating down? YES

Did my foot hurt throughout and is still sore? YES

Did every one of my intervals start uphill? YES

Was I disappointed that no firemen were hanging outside the fire station down the street? YES

Did I forget that it’s harder to run outdoors than on the treadmill? YES

Was my pace slower? YES

Did my pace pick up once Mystikal’s Shake Ya Ass came on? YES

Did I complete my goal of 2 miles? YES (2.6 miles)

Do I feel like a rockstar? YES


Happy Thursday y’all!




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