Truffle Shuffle of Shame

I do not like the smell or taste of truffle oil, but my roommate (God love him) likes it a lot.  Even on a good day, it makes me kind of queasy. I’m home sick from work today because my allergies make me extremely nauseous, among other things. Thanks Pollen!  I finally get the energy to get up and take a shower and get around.  As I’m walking through the kitchen, freshly showered: BAM! SHATTER! as tiny shards of glass hit my leg.  Uh oh! Then the smell hits me.  It was the damn truffle oil that I somehow managed to knock off a high shelf.  Now the ENTIRE house smells like truffle oil, I smell like truffle oil, and the floor is covered in truffle oil and glass.  THIS!  IS! A! NIGHTMARE! I’m pretty sure, this is somehow pollen’s fault too.  I’ll just be out on my front porch, crying in a corner.

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