Look ma! I can cook!

Last Friday, I got my very first Blue Apron shipment.  You can click the link to find out all about the service.  I opted for the two person plan and it sends three meals (after I filled out some dietary specifications) for about $60/week.  That breaks down to $10 a meal – which isn’t bad in my opinion.  My cool friends, Shonda and Jeff, use the service, and they sent me a link to try my first week free.  Awesome! The shipment arrived from a delivery guy (who coincidently was walking up as I was leaving the house, and he scared the shit out of me) at around 12:30 that afternoon.  It arrived in a box that had a freezer bag inside with all the ingredients on Nordic ice, and a nice little welcome letter with three recipe cards.



I’m lazy so I just shoved the entire spacey looking freezer bag into the fridge and continued on my merry way.


Saturday, I decided was going to be Shrimp Po’Boy day at the house.  I grabbed the trusty ingredient card, and very easily pulled out the required ingredients from the space bag.  My roommate Jason helped me cut up ingredients.  It was pretty easy to mix the remoulade sauce. I finished up the salad, while Jason cooked the shrimp.  The finished product looked like this and tasted pretty good for only 575 calories a serving.




I went a little too heavy on the remoulade during assembly.  This isn’t surprising since I am usually sauce-happy.  The only downside to this meal was the mess in my kitchen.  That has nothing to do with the service; I always make a mess when I cook.  While making the vinaigrette for the salad, I squirted lemon juice everywhere (no surprise there).  I also got water all over the floor when I was cleaning the produce.  The downside there was that my boot kept slipping while I was cooking.  All-in-all, meal one was a success! Colored me impressed Blue Apron.



Tonight’s meal: Orange Beef Lo Mein.  I am not an adventurous cook and usually am intimidated by asian dishes.  This wasn’t too difficult.  I was on my own cooking tonight since my sous chef was stuck at work due to the weather.  I managed pretty well.  I did burn my finger, but that’s definitely not Blue Apron’s fault.  After surveying the mess I made while cooking, I’ve come to realize that I’m about as messy as if a parent turned their 5-year-old loose in the kitchen to cook a feast.  I slung cooked beef across the floor.  There were chopped green onions and garlic slung amuck.  I even misread the directions and used two tablespoons of oil to cook the beef instead of two teaspoons.  However, the food still turned out rather yummy.  The portions were very satisfying, and a full belly quickly erased the pain from my burned finger.  Another Blue Apron success! This dish was about 700 calories each serving.

IMG_2656 IMG_2655


Who’s coming to do my dishes? Anyone?




Last night, I made my last meal for the week.  It was Chicken & Sage Chicken Pot Pie with cremini mushrooms and purple top turnips.  Again, the dish was pretty straightforward.  I did have to ask Jason how to peel a turnip (DON’T JUDGE ME).  I learned that I don’t really like turnips.  However, the meal was still pretty delicious despite that.  I pulled out the handy ingredient sheet (soaking wet from God knows what) and started chopping up all the veggies while Jason poached the chicken.




I shredded the chicken while Jason cooked all the veggies, and then it was time to make the sauce! I must admit that I am not a true southern lady.  In all my thirty-one years, I have never made a roux.  Oh my! I hope you are not clutching your pearls as you read this.  If you are, rest assured because I made a roux tonight.  I even have proof! IMG_2746


As I tended to the sauce in a loving and attentive manner, Jason mixed up the sage biscuits.  The finished product looked like this:




I’m pretty smitten with Blue Apron at the moment.  I recommend giving it a try because it is just so damn convenient.  We got our new box for the week yesterday afternoon.  Next on the menu is lamb and beef shawarma, crispy chicken thighs, and three cheese cannelloni.  I am feeling like a gourmet chef these days, until I look down and see all the mess on my boot because I am a horribly clumsy cook.  Oops!

PS: While stirring the sauce tonight, I couldn’t help but think that it was really too bad that Mark Darcy from Bridget Jone’s Diary (aka Colin Firth) was not there to help me with any lumpy gravy emergencies! If you don’t know what I’m talking about, watch Bridget Jone’s Diary.  But I have to go, sorry, lumpy gravy calls.

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