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Shit Happens!

Well, it does.  And Sunday was one of those days.  Sunday I ran smack into my ex-boyfriend, Mars (yeah remember Mars: This Mars) almost literally.  It turns out that we were at the same event on Sunday.  I rounded a corner and boom there he was.  It felt like someone punched me in the stomach.  And then we kept running into each other because the huge space we were in was actually a tiny, confined box.  Needless to say, I wasn’t ready to see him.  Maybe I’ll never be ready to see him.  So being around Mars all day was not a fun time.  I was an emotional mess on the inside while trying to remain calm, aloof, and charming on the outside.  It was pretty exhausting, but I survived it.  Then I get home.  It had been raining on and off all day.  I get out of my car and start walking toward the porch.  Then I hit the muddy yard (and I do mean hit).  I fall ass-first into the muddy yard — cartoon style.  I’m talking feet flying out from under me and into the air and landing hard on my ass — cartoon style.  I’ll be honest.  I laid there for a few moments and cried in the pouring rain.  It was the perfectly shitty ending to a very shitty day.

You can totally see where I peeled out in my yard!

You can totally see where I peeled out in my yard!


Now.  Now we get to the good part.


I am a NOTORIOUS emotional eater.  I would stuff down so much food to suffocate what I was feeling at the moment.  HOWEVER, Sunday night after the shitty day and the shitty ending to my day, I did not emotionally eat one time! So I am still counting that day as a victory.  I am learning that there will always be something that will make me want to emotionally eat. Life is not perfect and is filled with speed bumps and hurdles.  I have to learn to cope without using food as a fix, because it’s not.  It’s not a fix.

Another setback: my foot.  I went back to the doctor today for a check up on my foot.  I’m still in the boot.  It will be at least another two weeks before we can decide whether I’ll be out of the boot then.  My foot is healing, but it’s not healed yet.  Also, it turns out that I have two stress-fractures instead of one.  No wonder my foot has been hurting so much! But again, I will focus on the positives.  My foot is healing, and I still have the okay to continue to work out on it.  So I will forge ahead and continue with my goals – only in a modified way. Now excuse me while I crank up Kelly Clarkson’s “Stronger” and sing along.

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