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Victory Outfits

I started posting victory outfits this month because I vowed to stay off the scale. I wanted to focus more on building muscle than losing weight this month. And the victory outfits help me see that I definitely am making progress even though I am not logging pounds lost.  This past month, I’ve gotten into outfits that I haven’t been able to wear for quite some time (three years for one pair of pants).

I’ll be stepping on the scale later this week for the first time in a month. I’m curious as to what I’ll find. However, despite what number that scale will read, I know I’ve made progress.

The mind is a powerful thing.  Although I relish the victory outfits and know that means my body has changed, some days I feel like I look exactly the same. When you look in the mirror everyday, it can be hard to see the small victories. I was in a bad mood most of the day yesterday and was pretty tired.  I really did not want to go to the gym.  I seriously thought about skipping and just crawling in bed at 6pm.  Yeah, I know.  But I sucked it up and went to the gym anyway.  I was really glad that I did.  It reminded me that I have come really far, whether I see it or not.  With every rep completed and set finished, I was reminded of that progress.  Then, I came home and stumbled across a picture of me from October 2014.  Looking at that picture, I was really glad that I decided to suck it up and go to the gym.  Even though I’m not going to get spectacular results every single day, I have to look at the big picture. 

 So here’s part of the big picture:  The picture I found from October 2014 next to my victory outfit from this morning. 


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Hey! Must Be the Muscle!

This time last year, I had also embarked upon a weight-loss journey.  I know that I shouldn’t, but I keep comparing my progress this year from last year.  It is totally different process.  This time I am actually transitioning to a healthy lifestyle instead of dieting.  Last year, I was taking diet pills. Big difference! Last year between February and April, I lost 25 pounds.  It is no surprised that I gained all that back after I quit taking the diet pills. You’ve read previous posts about my mental process, and how now I am working on the whole process – mind and body.  You’ve read about my newfound love of weight lifting.  You’ve read about me exploring my demons and working hard on self-love.  I’m getting there.  This is brand new territory for me.  I have to say that I am loving the process.  It’s not always easy, but I do think that it is worth it.  Scratch that.  I do think that I’m worth it.

I am human though.  So sometimes I do compare my progress.  I was getting kind of frustrated with myself lately because I am 10 pounds heavier than where I was this time last year.  Yes, I’ve been injured the past two months, but I don’t think that is a valid excuse. I took my measurements last night for the end of the month.  I was blown away by what I discovered.  One of my troublesome spots is my lower tummy area (it’s also been called the Kangaroo pouch, second stomach, or FUPA – I’m not explaining that one because my Mema reads this blog).  I learned last night that I have lost two inches this past month across my hips and lower tummy area.  This is huge news by itself.  I was so pumped that I even struck a celebratory pose in the gym locker room.



But here’s the even more exciting news: I took a look at my measurements from last year (you know, where I was 10 lbs lighter), and I am two inches smaller NOW across my chest, waist, and hips. Y’all, I can’t even describe how mind-blowing this is!   So note to self: trust the process and keep doing what you are doing.  My new April goal is to stay off the scale and continue to make healthy choices.  I will also keep kicking ass in the weight room.


My clothes are fitting better too.  Added bonus.