(Almost) No Joy in Runville

I went for a run on Tuesday, and it was probably my most pathetic run yet. I didn’t necessarily go because I wanted to. I thought sunshine, endorphins, and outdoors would help cheer me up a little though. I’m going through the grieving period after a (very) recent breakup, and am looking for anything (legal and drug-free) to help the pain be a little less present. My heart is utterly broken, but my legs are not, so Tuesday I thought a run might help.

It was pretty hot here in Arkansas on Tuesday and the sun was shining down. I picked one of my favorite running routes and took off to a recommended playlist on Spotify. I struggled a lot. I ended up walking most of my route because I’ve been eating terribly the three days before (very little and mostly just junk – typical breakup food) and it showed. My body was not cooperating, which just pissed me off. And that wasn’t fair because it wasn’t my body’s fault that I ate terribly.

I ended up walking more than running. During the sporadic spurts of running that I did do, I managed to fall off the sidewalk (apparently I cannot run in a straight line), French kiss an unidentified insect, and even cried when Kelly Clarkson’s “My Life Would Suck Without You” came on (thank God for sunglasses and sweat). Not my finer moments. However, during one point of my run (when I was actually running), a precious toddler girl broke away from her parents to run with me. She was so joyous in the fact that she had a running buddy. She ran toward me and then ran back with me to where her parents sat. Her joy was infectious. Even amidst all my grief and heartache, I managed to find happiness in that brief moment. I slowed and smiled down at her as she dutifully returned to her parents and then continued on my way.


So even though it was not a successful run in terms of pace and distance, it was still successful – giving me a brief reprieve from everything that has been going on lately. A nice reminder that no matter what is going on in life, there is always at least a little joy to be found.


PS: A note about my terrible eating. It has gotten better as the week has progressed. I know I have shared my struggle and concerns about comfort eating or emotional eating so I wanted to address that.  I wouldn’t say that my terrible food choice has been comfort or emotional eating, but more a matter of lack of wanting to put effort and thought into what I was eating.  I haven’t really been that hungry and the junk food was at my fingertips. I didn’t eat it because I thought it would make me feel better (which diverges somewhat from my emotional eating in the past), but because it was there – I didn’t have to think about it. I’m not saying that the reasoning makes it better or worse, but I just wanted to be clear about why I was eating the way that I was.

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Running Like a Boss

Today I ran for the first time outside since being out of my boot.  Here’s how it went:


Was I super excited to get in an outdoor run?  YES

Was it a little hotter than I expected with the sun beating down? YES

Did my foot hurt throughout and is still sore? YES

Did every one of my intervals start uphill? YES

Was I disappointed that no firemen were hanging outside the fire station down the street? YES

Did I forget that it’s harder to run outdoors than on the treadmill? YES

Was my pace slower? YES

Did my pace pick up once Mystikal’s Shake Ya Ass came on? YES

Did I complete my goal of 2 miles? YES (2.6 miles)

Do I feel like a rockstar? YES


Happy Thursday y’all!




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