We don’t stop for music

For any readers who go to Zumba, you know that the bumping music is half the fun.  It really gets you revved up and helps you go that extra mile in class.  Tonight, the stereo system was broken at the gym.  I was pretty upset because I had a bad day, and I was really looking forward to de-stressing in class.  The instructor was not told about the busted sound system beforehand so she had to improvise.  Someone had one of those tiny portable speakers (and I’m talking tiny).  You could barely hear the thing. Some people walked out of class.  However, I’d say forty or so people stayed and danced the entire hour, even with music you could barely hear.  I have to admire their dedication.  It would have been easy just to go home because there was no music, or the instructor could have easily canceled class.  But we all stayed and rocked it.  I’m proud of my workout group.  Plus, I somehow managed to burn 700 calories, even with minimal music! So this post is dedicated to my fellow Zumba goers on Tuesday night.  Y’all are awesome!

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Frustration Abounds

I know that I should be happy that I’m healing and am out of the boot. Last night, I ran for the first time since being diagnosed with the stress fracture. I made it one mile. I’m proud of that. However, my foot was pretty sore. I know the doctor said there would be soreness for another month, but it’s still frustrating. I’m taking things slow and modified plenty of my movements in Zumba tonight. It’s just so much less fun when I’m doing things halfway. I want to jump and kick and do all the moves as if my foot was back to normal. I’m trying not to pout, I promise. I’m just ready to run and dance 100% free. Part of it is fear that I’m going to re-injure myself. I really hope that fear goes away with time.  Two months ago, I never would have thought I’d be talking about my feet so much! Thanks for hanging in there with me!    I’m hanging in there, but there is still that haunting shadow of the boot. 

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